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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DEL FRISCO'S prime steak and lobster

For close to two decades, family owned and operated, Del Frisco's has been serving up high quality prime steak and cold water Australian lobster tails.

Located at 729 Lee road - Orlando, Florida two blocks west of I-4 exit 88.

Hours of operation Monday-Saturday 5pm - 10pm
Phone: 407-645-4443

This restaurant is most definitely for special occasions, unless you are extremely well off and like overpaying for steak and lobster. After dining here I now firmly believe that people only eat here so say that they ate at Del Frisco's, if it was named anything else it would be nothing to talk about at all except slow service and over priced food.

The food is so over priced that on their website they do not even list prices on their menu.

There is no doubt that the meat served in this high-end steakhouse is top of the line, however, high-end steak cannot make a restaurant. The service was not bad, it was slow, extremely slow. For what this steak house charges the service should be perfect. The glasses should be filled, all of them, water, wine, whatever; this doesn't happen here. I have no problems with the food here, the food is wonderful.

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, there are so many other great places to go that serve the same quality of food but accompanied with wonderful service.

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